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May 2nd 2016

Choosing a business activity can be a daunting task while setting up your business and Ezeebiz will make that simple for you.

  • The major distinction to keep in mind choosing an activity for your business license, in the UAE and anywhere else is that :-
    • In the UAE you need to specifically add all the activities you are conducting as part of your business., Most of your business activities need to be clearly defined ;
    • For e.g. – If you want to do software development and graphic design, you may want to choose activities like :-
      • Software Development
      • Graphic design
      • Portal development
      • Commercial Information systems
    • This will allow you to have a broader range of activities you can conduct on the license.
    • You have to keep in mind that some activities cannot be combined with others on one license, and some activities you choose may require an additional cost or require third party approval which may be levied by the regulatory authority, where your Company will be setup
  • Also don't worry if you don't add all the activities in the beginning, you can always add activities after you start your business, at a minimal extra charge. If you're not exactly sure what activity is best for you, think of general terms that match your business, for e.g.
    • Trading
    • Consulting
    • Accounting
    • Manufacturing
    • Software

If you're completely unsure and want to do a multitude of activities, to setup a base here in the UAE , then you could choose an activity like "General Trading " or something from the consultancy section which will give you a virtual office and a few Visa's to enabling you to explore doing business in the Middle East region.

Some Freezones also offer freelance permits for professionals who are sole practitioners and want to operate under their own name as a brand.

To keep it simple, think of which activities are core and crucial to you and your business and select those.