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May 2nd 2016

UAE is fast becoming the hub for cryptocurrency business in the Middle East.

You can setup a Freezone structure with 100% ownership in various emerging activities. You can choose any one of the activities below that are aligned with your business.

Metaverse Services Provider

Includes firms engaged in the development and hosting of digital virtual environments, which enable simulated interactions between individuals, such firms are not permitted to issue tokens which are traded on exchanges or trade in crypto commodities

Distributed Ledger Technology Services

Includes firms that provide database management solutions and ancillary services based on distributed ledger technologies, such as blockchain, such firms are not permitted to trade in, or setup an exchange for currencies or crypto currencies or commodities

Proprietary Trading in Crypto-commodities

Includes the buying and selling (Proprietary Trading) of crypto-commodities developed on distributed ledger technology applications. This activity does not include acting as an exchange, providing brokerage services, financial services, banking services, payment processing or storage services.

NFT's E-Marketplace Provider

Includes firms engaged in providing an online platform for the buying & selling of third parties' unique digital assets (NFTs) and facilitates commercial interactions between buyer and seller in return of a commission or remuneration. The online platform cannot be used to trade or promote crypto-commodities, cryptocurrencies or NFTs covering any regulated products or securities.

Ease of Business Setup

  • No third Party Approval required from any regulatory entity for setting up a business for the above activities
  • Registration of the Business can be done remotely.
  • You can procure a UAE investor visa which will enable you to live and work in the UAE, operate your business, operate corporate bank accounts in a virtually Tax-free environment.
  • Fast, easy and simple process.

There are many digital banking options available for your business.

UAE is progressing rapidly towards innovation in emerging technologies and accepting payments in crypto currencies.