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Ezeebiz provides End to End solutions to businesses to help them achieve their strategic and business goals, enabling growth and impacting social and economic development and change.

What is Ezeebiz?

Ezeebiz commenced with the vision and objective of simplifying the process for entrepreneurs to establish and operate their businesses in the UAE region. The complexity of procedures and the abundance of available information contributed to an apparent complication that overshadowed the actual simplicity of the process. Our aim was to furnish entrepreneurs with straightforward, impartial information to facilitate their decision-making regarding establishment or expansion plans in the region.

Furthermore, our goal encompassed providing comprehensive solutions to businesses, consolidating all services under one umbrella. This approach facilitated a seamless and effortless establishment process for them. Ezeebiz stands as the UAE's premier B2B Services Marketplace, offering a digital platform that assists entrepreneurs in setting up and managing their businesses here. We furnish users with a complimentary cost comparative report, delivered through a straightforward 6-step process. Our AI scours through over 40 zones in the UAE, generating an impartial comparative report for the user.

Our CEO, Rachana Buttan, boasts 30 years of experience and has successfully established and led businesses globally across North America, Europe, and Asia. She offers strategic consultancy to companies seeking entry into the GCC region, engaging closely with their teams from initial market scope and feasibility assessments to eventual market penetration and execution.

Ezeebiz boasts a world-class team proficient in providing all necessary on-the-ground services for business setup and operations. We offer a diverse array of relevant business partners catering to various business types and budgets, thereby providing small, medium, and large businesses with a wide selection of services. Additionally, Ezeebiz specializes in Global Mobility, featuring experienced teams and partners capable of executing all relocation services, including home and school searches for families relocating with children, and international move management for household items via sea and air.


Rachana Buttan

CEO, Founder

Rachana Buttan is both an entrepreneur and a global strategist, esteemed for her expertise in business re-structuring, strategy, innovation, new business structuring, and market development.

With over 30 years of experience in global business operations, Rachana excels in working with Fortune 500 companies and government entities across the USA, UK, China, Spain, Germany, India, and the GCC as a business strategist.

Her portfolio includes successful strategizing, planning, and execution of projects within diverse industries such as education, information technology, maritime, automotive, construction, government infrastructure, power plants, steel industry, information technology, health, fashion, and large non-profit organizations.